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Dissolution, Collaborative Separation/Divorce, Property Settlement, Parenting Plans, Guardianships 

No one wants to have the Courts involved in their most personal relationships but unfortunately this is sometimes necessary to protect ourselves and the ones we love.  We can help you navigate this stressful time by assisting in dissolution proceedings (divorce), drafting parenting plans or property settlement/separation agreements, negotiating a collaborative separation or divorce, or by setting up legal guardianships in order to protect the young or the elderly.      


Driving Under the Influence (DUI),

Minor in Possession (MIP), Drug Possession,

Criminal Record Expungement 
Driver's License Suspensions

Theft, Disorderly Conduct,
Partner Family Member Assault (PFMA), 

Juvenile Offenses

Have you been charged with a crime in Yellowstone County or been issued a traffic ticket in Billings Municipal Court? Trailhead Law has extensive legal experience working on both the defense and prosecution sides of the law and understands how best to have your charges negotiated, reduced or dismissed altogether. Criminal charges are serious and may affect your life and livelihood in ways that you may not have anticipated. Before taking any steps on your own behalf you should contact a criminal defense attorney and discuss the most appropriate course of action.  


Property and Lease Disputes, Eviction

The Montana Residential Landlord Tenant Act creates rights and duties for landlords and their tenants.  Failure to abide by the Act may result in serious consequences for property owners and landlords, including possibly a suit for retaliatory or wrongful eviction.  Federal code and regulations create additional obligations for landlords that should be fully understood before entering into any lease agreement or any termination proceeding is begun.  Trailhead Law has experience representing landlords and property owners in the Billings community and can help you to navigate these complex issues to protect your financial investment and secure past-due rents owed to you or your clients.  


Personal Injury, Contracts,

Intentional Torts, Negligence

Trailhead Law is committed to serving you and your unique needs as a client.  In addition to the above areas, we have helped clients around Montana in a variety of legal fields, for example: by pursuing damages for negligence and intentional torts, writing and enforcing contracts, and negotiating construction and repair disputes.


Call today to find out how Trailhead Law can help you too.   

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