In Montana, driving isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. 


We drive to work, we drive to take our kids to school, to buy groceries, to visit the doctor.  If your driver's license is suspended, you still have to do all of that.  But now you're considered a criminal and face potential jail time.


In Montana, a person's driver's license may be suspended simply for failure to appear at a court hearing or for falling behind on payments of court fines or fees.     

In a letter to the Montana House Judiciary, American Bar Association President Bob Carlson, described Montana's current system of suspending driver's licenses for non-payment of fines and fees: 

"These sanctions disproportionately harm the millions of Americans who cannot afford to pay them, thus entrenching poverty, exacerbating racial and ethnic disparities, diminishing trust in our justice system, and trapping people in cycles of punishment simply because they are poor."

At Trailhead Law, we understand the importance of restoring your driver's license and we will help you understand why you are suspended and make a plan to get you back on the road, legally, as soon as possible. 


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