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A criminal record, even for a misdemeanor offense, can prevent you from obtaining the job or career you have worked so hard to achieve.  Luckily, in Montana, there is a process for expunging (removing) and sealing your criminal record so that regretful past decisions will no longer prevent you from creating the life of your dreams.  

If it has been five years since you completed all of the terms of your misdemeanor sentence, and no further offenses have occurred since, you may be eligible for expungement.

If you have applied to the United States military academy or have enlisted, or are currently serving in the military and your past conviction prevents you from enlisting or holding a certain position, you may be eligible for an immediate expungement without waiting the standard five year year period.  

If either of these scenarios sound like you, contact us today so that we may file a petition on your behalf to remove and seal your prior criminal record.  

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